With the north coast 500 being a popular choice for tourist these days when planning a custom made tour of Scotland, I always tempt my customers into squeezing a day going to Orkney into their private tour of Scotland. With Orkney only a small ferry trip across from the main land, it’s not hard to plan into your Scottish highland tour.


This stunning small unique Scottish town is known as the gateway to the highlands, dating back to the 19th century that made the area popular when Queen Victoria bought the Balmoral estate with her husband Prince Albert to be the Royal highland retreat.

Fish and chips

One of Britain’s favourite hot dishes that originated from England, but is now known as the nations favourite takeaway food.

Haggis, Neeps and tatties

A wee animal that can only be found on a Scottish highland tour, these wee beasties are designed with there legs on one side longer than the other so they can run round the hillside in the highlands, well that’s according to some custom made tours in Scotland, a poll was done with American visitors and 33% believe a haggis to be a Scottish animal.

Where do celebrities stay in Edinburgh?

With Edinburgh one of the most popular tourist locations in the world, you can imagine you’ll have to be sharp booking your accommodation for your exclusive vacation to Scotland, but where do the rich and famous stay on there visit to Scotland’s capital. So if it’s a 5 star city centre accommodation you’re looking for that suits your private tour of Edinburgh, here’s a few for you to look into.


What is a kelpie?? The name has come popular to us since 2014 with two sculptures in Falkirk, they were part of the project of the Scottish canal extension, connecting the Forth and Clyde canal to the river Forth.

Outlander in Edinburgh

Now more than ever Outlander private tours are one of the most popular private tours in Scotland. Even when we get Edinburgh private tour enquires we often get asked if we cover the outlander filming locations.

Unicorn Scotland

On many occasions on one of our private Edinburgh tours we’ve been asked, why if the unicorn the symbol of Scotland??

Hairy Coo!!!!

The Scottish highland cow, known locally as the hairy Coo, is a massive Scottish tourist attraction, very popular in our private tours. They originated from the Scottish highlands where the farmers used them for milk and there meat.

Edinburgh and Harry Potter

No filming was done in Edinburgh for the Harry Potter movies, so why is Scotland’s capital known as the birth place of Harry Potter? There are many Edinburgh private tours that tell there own story but it all comes down to the author of the book, Jk Rowling, an ex school teacher with an imagination that is out of this world.