When you hear people say they want a beach holiday this year, you automatically think costa del sol, Tenerife, Maldives, Scotland?? Yes Scotland, well as long as your not looking for pineapple or coconut trees for a backdrop, then a exclusive vacation to Scotland is a great choice for your beach holiday, as long as you get some luck with the weather that is.

Going back to 2017 I was asked to take 14 American religious studies students over to the Isle of Mull for a few days, as they already had their itinerary set for their private tour of Scotland this was as easy as it could be for me, so on this bespoke scottish tour they had 2 days planned for a visit to Iona, as I couldn’t get my minibus onto the ferry for here I had to stay on Mull until they returned. So I decide with 2 days to kill in fionnphort on the south west of the island, I’d go and explore the area while the group didn’t need transportation for this part of the private tour of Scotland.

So I started with a full days hike around this part of Mull, as it’s not the commercial area of the island, I covered about 9 miles over 6-7 hours I think I crossed paths with the grand total of 5 people, 3 walking and 2 cycling, so as you can imagine this area is pretty much untouched.

So if you’re planing a trip to Mull on your custom made tour of Scotland, head for fionnphort as the beaches are as perfect as you’d find, with clear blue water it’s perfect for a swim if you don’t feel the cold, and more sheep than humans you’ll not have to worry about social distancing.

But Mull is only one of the many picturesque beach areas Scotland has to offer. So a private tour of Scotland is worth a thought as the beaches are second to none, it’s just the weather you have to worry about.