A single malt whisky distillery on the outskirts of Glasgow in Clydebank, this distillery was built in 1800 and started producing whisky in 1823. The name Auchentoshan is Achadh an Oisien in Scottish Gaelic, translated it means “Corner of the field”. Auchentoshan is a delicate sweet whisky, matured in American Bourban oak casks for it’s 10 year old malt whisky, the 12 18 and 21 year old malts are matured in a cherry wood cask. The distillery has changed hands several times through the years since it’s opening, but it was bought in 1969 by Eddie Cairns who completely re-vamped the distillery into the building it is today, Cairns sold the distillery in 1984 to Morrison Bowmore, who still own the distillery today.

Auchentoshan is one of a few lowland scotch malt single malt whisky distilleries that is still in production, but one key aspect that separates Auchentoshan from most Scottish whisky distilleries is they triple distill, as most distilleries only distill spirit twice, this produces a more gentle and sweet taste of whisky.

Auchentoshan also released a 50 year old whisky in 2008 that they distilled in 1957, there was no sign of these for sale, but a 31 year old bottled in 1965 went for a hefty price tag of £1260 (a dram for special occasions only)!

They also won an award at the 2008 San Francisco world spirits competition with the “Auchentoshan three wood” for the best whisky and cigar combination. Auchentoshan is Open all year where you can visit and book a whisky tour. Private and vip distillery tours are also available.