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Uk traffic jams

All over the modern world no matter what your day intakes, most of us will have the pleasure of needing to travel by bus or car, like it or not it’s a necessary part of life these days.

A Scottish beach holiday

When you hear people say they want a beach holiday this year, you automatically think costa del sol, Tenerife, Maldives, Scotland?? Yes Scotland, well as long as your not looking for pineapple or coconut trees for a backdrop, then a exclusive vacation to Scotland is a great choice for your beach holiday, as long as you get some luck with the weather that is.

Hadrians Wall Private Tour

This incredible ancient stone wall was built by the Romans in AD 122, the mystical myth is it’s on the border of England and Scotland, many saying it helped to keep the Scots out (English tour guides), but what I learned years ago on a borders private tour of Scotland was it was built for tax reasons.

Glenfinnan Viaduct

This viaduct is one of the most visited and popular bridges in Scotland. Featuring in many movies over the years, with the most popular being all 4 of the Harry Potter movies, so you can see why it’s now such a big tourist attraction with private tours in Scotland.

Scottish golf opens!!

As the country enters phase 1 of the Scottish governments plans for lockdown from the coronavirus, the first minister has unrestricted the hold on outdoor exercise, but still keeping the social distance measures in place. With golf vacations in Scotland still at a halt for the foreseeable future, this is one small step in the right direction that we are looking for to get private tours in Scotland up and running again.


One of the main attractions on a private tour of Scotland in the boarders is Melrose Abbey, founded in 1136 by Cistercian monks for king David I of Scotland.