Bespoke Tours

We can recommend popular tours that we do on a regular basis, we are also happy to custom build your ideas together to make that unique trip you’ve planned for years, if it is for one day or multiple days we cover all from whisky to golf, and all the stunning scenery and landmarks Scotland has to see.

Plan your custom tour with us with over 100 distilleries to choose from, spread all over Scotland’s mainland and the isles. We can accommodate one day bespoke tours from Edinburgh, but we also offer multiple day trips and tours with overnight accommodation if required.

Visit some of Scotland’s most breath-taking scenic locations and landmarks with magnificent and impressive natural views from the Isle of Skye to the Highlands, through the mountain ranges of the Trossachs to the Cairngorms and a tour through the whisky trail an absolute must for the fanatics.

For each bespoke tour we would advise we plan this together, that way we can accommodate your personal choices first and foremost, taking in your lesser preferences as the tour continues.

Please note that not every distillery offers tours, however the majority do but some require advance booking appointments for private tours.