No filming was done in Edinburgh for the Harry Potter movies, so why is Scotland’s capital known as the birth place of Harry Potter? There are many Edinburgh private tours that tell there own story but it all comes down to the author of the book, Jk Rowling, an ex school teacher with an imagination that is out of this world. With Jk Rowling making Edinburgh her home at the time of writing her first book, being a full time single parent, she’d walk the streets of Edinburgh’s city centre getting inspiration from all of Edinburgh’s historic landmarks.

Most of the private tours in Edinburgh advertise these locations in their in your planned tour, but with most tour guides, they’d be happy to to make you a custom made tour in Edinburgh, working around all the Harry Potter locations tucked away in Edinburgh’s famous streets.

So if you’re staying in Edinburgh city centre on your exclusive vacation to Scotland, make sure you have a look at the Harry Potter locations to add to your custom made tour of Edinburgh for a fun filled day.