When we go on holiday tour 9 times out of 10 we’re going into the unknown, to a city or even country we’ve never been before. Visit Scotland is a public body of the Scottish government formerly known as Scottish tourist board, that gets initiated everyday with 100’s of inquiries regarding peoples vacations to Scotland, with some run of the mill inquiries, with some that could even raise the eyebrows of some of the famous statues in Edinburgh.

Here’s just some of the most popular questions of visitors to Scotland come up with.

How many Scottish cities are there?
7, Edinburgh (Capital) Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Perth, Inverness and Stirling.

Would spring be a good time to tour Scotland?
Yes!! Is the answer to that one every time, as Easter is when most of the tourist locations open for the start of the holiday season. With May officially known as the “whisky month” world whisky day is celebrated on 18th May, this being the month distilleries start to get busy with whisky tours.

Does Scotland celebrate tartan day?
6th April is known as tartan day, it originates from Canada in the 1980’s. In Australia they celebrate something a bit different in ‘international tartan day’ on the 1st July.

What language is spoken in Scotland?
Over the whole of Scotland, English is the main language spoken by 99% of the population, with only 1% that use Scots Gaelic on a full time basis. In Glasgow and Edinburgh the main cities in Scotland you won’t come across the Gaelic language that often, Scottish Gaelic is spoken more in the highlands and isles, particularly in the outer Hebrides where it is known by more than 60% of the population.

How bad are midge bites?
Midge bites are irritating at most and can be a really suisance during your private tour! These little insects are seasonal and found in Scotland, particularly found in dense forests in the highlands during the summer, annoying yes – deadly no. Usual supermarket insect repellent works

What is Hogmanay?
Hogmanay is celebrated all over Scotland on 31st December, a famous Scottish tradition for years, it’s been a festivity in Edinburgh that has grown year after year, celebrated as the ‘Edinburgh’s Hogmanay street party’.

What time does the one o’clock gun go off?
Seriously??? This is a frequently asked question for travellers coming to tour Edinburgh, I must admit whenever I have a tour group on an Edinburgh tour I do pre-warn them of the gun, as it’s loud in Edinburgh’s city centre at one o’clock