A great tourist attraction this is when doing a Edinburgh private tour. The statue that sits proudly outside the gates to Greyfriars graveyard.

This being one of the more famous statues in Edinburgh, Bobby who was a Skye terrier that stayed with his master John Gray, who was the night watchman for Edinburgh city police, but sadly John died and was buried in Greyfriars graveyard in the old town of Edinburgh.

You will find many different stories about our Bobby on custom made tours of Edinburgh, fact or fictional we’ll never know the true adventures Bobby had, some made to look a bit more exciting than others. One story is Bobby sleep on his masters grave for the rest of his life, this being 12 years, well so I was told on a private tour of Edinburgh as a youngster many years ago.

But I think more to the truth is that Bobby was well looked after with the local residents in the area, one in particular was the cafe owner on Candlemakers Row, not far from where Bobby’s statue sits now, this being a very popular area with private tours in Edinburgh, but one thing that upsets the locals of the city is the rubbing of bobby’s nose, supposedly a tour guide (not from Scotland) told his tour groups on his Edinburgh

private tours that rubbing the nose of the statue gives you luck, but all this has done over the years of continuous rubbing is damage the statue of Bobby!

So if you book an exclusive vacation to Scotland and visit Bobby, please hold back from rubbing bobby’s nose.