This incredible ancient stone wall was built by the Romans in AD 122, the mystical myth is it’s on the border of England and Scotland, many saying it helped to keep the Scots out (English tour guides), but what I learned years ago on a borders private tour of Scotland was it was built for tax reasons.

Built by the orders of Emperor Hadrian, the wall was to span for almost 80 miles long from the river Tyne at the North Sea to the Solway Firth at the Irish Sea, basically right across the width of the island from east to west, at points the wall was up to 3 meters high with a total of 80 gates, a gate every mile to control the smuggling, also with this they could keep track of the coming and going of the natives.

Come the 5th century you seen the end of the Roman rule in Britain, this is when the wall started to fall into ruin, over the centuries to come the stone of the walk was used for many other things from buildings to roads, a good attraction for outlander private tours is the Military road was built from the stone by the orders of General Wade, to make it easier to move British troops north to Scotland for the battles with the Jackobites, the final one at Culloden.

With most of the wall demolished over the years, there is a small section of it still standing at Housesteads Roman fort museum, this is not far over the border making it easy for a visit if your doing a custom made tour of Scotland.

More commonly asked for when doing a Edinburgh private tour is the Antonine wall, this was built not long after Hadrians wall, it spans from the river Forth to the river Clyde, but unlike Hadrians wall, it was mostly built with rubble, wood and turf, over the years it weathered away making it less evident to Hadrians wall. But if you’re on a private tour of Scotland there’s still sites you can visit to see the remains of the foundations of Antonine wall between Glasgow and Edinburgh, so it’s an easy stop if your planing your exclusive vacation to Scotland from here.