The Scottish highland cow, known locally as the hairy Coo, is a massive Scottish tourist attraction, very popular in our private tours. They originated from the Scottish highlands where the farmers used them for milk and there meat.

Nowadays milk is not so popular as the normal cows you see in the fields produce a lot more milk than highland cows. But the meat is known to be one of the best available, this is due to highland cows not having much body fat to keep them warm due to their thick mop of hair!!

You’ll find out on a Scottish highland tour that highland cows are well known for being gentle giants of Scotland, and with their pointy horns and long shaggy hair and good temperament, you can see why they are big attractions on private tours of Scotland.

If you ask any tour operator what’s most asked for attraction on a Scottish highland tour, you’ll get on of these three, whisky, haggis and highland Coo’s, are the most popular things people ask for on their exclusive vacations to Scotland.

The highland cow is one of the oldest registered breed of cattle, there was a big increase just after the final Jacobite uprising in the 18th century, but highland cows were known to be in the Scottish highlands from as far back as the 6th century.

But these days you don’t have to go on a Scottish highland tour to see a highland Coo, as they’ve been exported all over the world since the 19th century, now you can find them from Australia to South America.