Isle of Bute:
In the 1950 & 60’s Bute was one of the main holiday destinations for the folks of Glasgow and Edinburgh, it only takes just under an hour by ferry from Wymess bay on the west coast of Scotland to Rothesay, the only town on the Isle of Bute. Before package holidays were affordable for the working class, Bute was a very busy Scottish island in the summer. If you’re planing a bespoke tour of the highlands and isles in Scotland I’d recommend Bute as a more natural Scottish island. Compared to Skye and Mull due to tourism on these islands has grown that much it can sometimes be so busy in the summer, although Bute’s only town of Rothesay is a bit dated the island is very untouched with beautiful scenery and stunning beaches to the west of the island.

Walking tours in Scotland
On the east coat of Scotland there are loads of stunning hikes for all levels of walking ability, offering plenty of choice for a bespoke tour. From the Fife coast to Dundee having some of the most beautiful views of the North Sea, onto the stunning countryside of Angus. Here you have up to 10 Munro’s (perfect for your Munro baggers), arguably Glen Cova in the Angus Glen is known as the most beautiful Munro in the Scottish highlands, this is well worth a visit, we suggest to plan this into your bespoke Scottish tour along with several towns and unique small villages in the area. If you’re planing a walking tour of the Scottish highlands then the Angus Glen would be a perfect base for your custom made tour of Scotland’s highlands as there’s plenty other beautiful Munro’s and Glens to chose from. On your vacation tour here make sure you discover where the local bars are situated, as a whisky or two will be needed in the evening for sure!!!

If you’re planing a Scottish vacation tour, a day or two in Dumfries would take you away from the hustle of the big city, cause as you will know Edinburgh in the peak tourist season is very busy. With the unique blend of landscapes that change throughout the seasons of the year, with the gentle Lochs and quaint forests that surround the area, to the beautiful golden sandy coves lining the rocky west of Scotland’s coastline. This area on the south west of Scotland is virtually untouched. It’s Stept with famous cultural interests making it a perfect peaceful addition of your private tour of Scotland

A beautiful little fishing village in Easter Ross in the Scottish highlands. Situated in the Tarbat Peninsula In the Scottish highlands.

The village dates back to the 8th century that was once one of the main ports for the fishing boats for the highlands. With Portmahomack sitting on one of the peak points of the Scottish highlands, it’s one of the perfect spots for dolphin spotting just of the harbour, a beautiful pit stop to compose into your bespoke Scottish tour with us.