Is known as the capital of the highlands for hundreds of years. Inverness sits on the banks of the river Ness where it meets the moray Firth.

When on a Scottish highland tour from Edinburgh, Inverness is always a great location for a base in the highlands for a night or two, as it’s easy access to a lot of the places of interest in the highlands, and not to forget all the highland locations if you’re on a outlander private tour. With the highland folk museum just south of the city, and only 10 minutes drive you have the Culloden battle fields, and not far from here you have the Clara Cairns stones.

By staying in this area you’re spoiled for choice if you’re on a bespoke whisky tour, as just south of Inverness you have the malt whisky trail in Speyside along with the couperage. All this not far from Inverness.

If you’re planing a whisky tour in Scotland, this is a perfect area as well for all the highland distilleries as well as Speyside, for this Inverness is the perfect location base for a corporate whisky tour of Scotland.

But it’s not just whisky and outlander local around Inverness, this is also a very popular location for Golf vacations in Scotland, with a vast choice of spectacular courses to chose from.

Not to forget the great history of the area, with the most famous tourist attraction being our very own Nessie, how could you not plan a visit to Inverness to at least attempt to catch a glimpse of her on your Scottish highland tour.

So as you can see this is only a fraction of the attractions in the Inverness area, if you plan your trip well you’ll easily fill a day or three on your exclusive vacation to Scotland in the highlands capital of Inverness.