What is a kelpie?? The name has come popular to us since 2014 with two sculptures in Falkirk, they were part of the project of the Scottish canal extension, connecting the Forth and Clyde canal to the river Forth.

These two horse sculptures are very common attractions on a private tour of Scotland as they are situated between Glasgow and Edinburgh, it’s actually a very good location to visit on the start of a Scottish highland tour when leaving from Edinburgh.

When visiting the kelpies they do there own private tour that lasts about 30 minutes, it’s a perfect start to your custom made tour of Scotland.

The mythical history behind the kelpies is they were known to be water horses inhabiting in the Scottish highland lochs, you’ll hear all kinds of magical stories about these creatures in your private tour of Scotland, but the kelpies sculptures represent the lineage of the heavy horses of the Scottish economy, that pulled the barges that supplied mainly coal and timber throughout central Scotland.

These are the worlds largest sculptures to date, this area is very popular through the day in the summer time with visits from private tours of Scotland, but if you’re looking for the more spectacular photos of the kelpies I’d advise you visit in the evening of your exclusive vacation in Scotland, as they look spectacular lit up at night.