One of the main attractions on a private tour of Scotland in the boarders is Melrose Abbey, founded in 1136 by Cistercian monks for king David I of Scotland.

If you plan a custom made tour of Scotland, there’s plenty places of interest to fill a day or two in the Scottish borders. But Melrose Abbey sticks out for me with its rustic ruin from the reformation times. And one of the main attractions to this is it’s the burial place of Robert the Bruce’s heart.

With the Scottish boarders getting more and more popular every year with tourists for many reasons, not just the abbey and the beautiful countryside, but Melrose is well known all over the world as a big rugby town, with the Melrose 7’s being a big annual rugby event that attracts visitors from all over the world. This is also the oldest rugby tournament in the world dating back to the late 19th century for when it first started.

As this was to be held in April this year it had to be cancelled, this is the only time this has happened apart from both world wars. This is a big blow to the economy in the area as a lot of people plan visiting this tournament while on there exclusive vacation to Scotland as sporting holidays to Scotland this only coming second to golf vacations in Scotland as the most popular.

There are many Scottish towns not far from Melrose that can be visited on a days private tour of Scotland, with towns like Jedburgh, Galashiels and Hawick to Na,e a few, making the boarders a favourite destination on a custom made tour of Scotland.