There’s a good chance you’ve heard the saying, bagging a Munro or Munro bagger, used by people who like to go mountain climbing throughout Scotland.

I’ve had many people ask if we could find a Munro to climb while on a private tour of Scotland, but some are unaware that a Munro isn’t just a large hill will spectacular views, for a mountain to get into the Munro gang it has to be over 3000 ft high!!!

It was in 1891 that Hugh Munro was asked by the Scottish mountaineering club (SMC) to list all the mountains in Scotland that are over 3000ft high. Many thought there would be in the region of 30 that would class as a Munro, but the total amount was 282.

When on a Scottish highland tour you’ll notice you’re surrounded by these fantastic mountains, but to think by 1970 only 100 people had achieved climbing every Munro, now you have 200 people a year completing the task, a staggering figure that proves Munro bagging is popular with inquiries for bespoke Scottish tours. But sadly Sir Hugh Munro who discovered all these mountains didn’t manage to climb them all, as during the First World War he was a volunteer with the British Red Cross, while running a canteen near the front line in France he died during the post war influenza pandemic at the age of 63, sadly at this point he only had 3 left to climb to complete all 282.

So as you can imagine when planning a custom made tour in Scotland you have plenty of Munro’s to chose from, but even if your not up for climbing one you can admire them from a distance on your travels on a private tour of Scotland.

One thing you can be sure of on your exclusive vacation in Scotland that you’ll have great memories of the scenic views of the Scottish Munro’s.