North Coast 500 Private Tour

This is a fascinating 500-mile round trip of the north of Scotland, a 5 to 6 day tour, taking in some of the most remote and natural beautiful scenery our unique country has to offer.

Starting in Inverness, in this private tour we travel much of the coastal route of Northern Scotland, taking in our famous sights and landmarks of John o’ Groats, Smoo Cave, even pit stopping Orkney along the way, if you’d like to visit the Northern Isles too.

This is a relatively new tour, introduced in recent years for the more discerning tourist who may wish to experience our untouched and unscathered landscapes, the more serene and tranquil areas of natural beauty and we guarantee it won’t disappoint.

Due to the structure and size of the roads in these most Northern parts of Scotland (mostly single track) this tour is unsuitable for anything larger than our 8 seater people carrier can accommodate.