Along with all the whisky distillery tours here in Scotland being cancelled until further notice, with Germany not nearly affected as bad as the uk with the coronavirus, the Oktoberfest in Munich has been cancelled for 2020.

But this was expected news from the Bavarian state government has taken, with all the planing that’s involved with the festival, it would have been a big gamble to even attempt to let the plans go ahead even with it still being over 5 months away. Munich’s Mayer said that the judgement was a bitter pill to swallow but it was the correct decision. A data analysis company Globaldata have worked out that this is a big issue for not only German beer companies but for the beer industry worldwide.

The beer industry has been seriously affected by covid-19 as has all others throughout the world. But this cancellation is just another highlight to everyone how serious this pandemic is, as it’s putting the whole world on hold till further notice. With the beer industry left frustrated by this, which is already bemused from the affects of lockdown, this industry has lost around half of its market, these figures being similar to the Scottish distilleries whisky trade, it shows that covid-19 has so many different affects on consumer behaviour.

So with Germany not being as hard hit as the uk with the coronavirus, they are still cancelling festivals in October, when will we see whisky distillery tours in Scotland again? we can only hope that whisky distilleries will open the doors for the unique whisky distillery tours again some time this year along with the rest of Scotland.

On that day you will see me tasting a lovely single malt at a local bar toasting to this celebration. Slainte!!!! (pronunciation slan-ye-var)