With the north coast 500 being a popular choice for tourist these days when planning a custom made tour of Scotland, I always tempt my customers into squeezing a day going to Orkney into their private tour of Scotland. With Orkney only a small ferry trip across from the main land, it’s not hard to plan into your Scottish highland tour.

With history of this island going as far back as the 7th century when Celtic missionaries had first arrived, but it was about 200 years later that the island was ruled by Norway and Denmark, until the 15th century in compensation for non payment of the dowry when queen Margaret of Denmark married James III.

But that’s enough of the history lesson, you can find out all the fine details of this when you book your private tour of Scotland. But the one place that always fascinates me when on a private tour of Scotland in Orkney is Skara Brae and Skaill house, this is a preserved prehistoric settlement dating back over 5000 years that was uncovered in 1850 by a bad storm.

When on your exclusive vacation in this part of Scotland, there is so much for you to pack into a day or two in Orkney, from the Standing Stones of Stenness, to the Italian Chapel, this small but beautiful island is bursting with so much history and fascinating landscapes for you to see, but one place I do recommend you don’t miss on your visit to Orkney is a whisky distillery tour of the highland park distillery, this is the pride of Orkney, a scoop whisky with a Viking background, a perfect blend I must admit as it’s a favourite of mine, and a must visit on a whisky tour of Scotland.