Now more than ever Outlander private tours are one of the most popular private tours in Scotland. Even when we get Edinburgh private tour enquires we often get asked if we cover the outlander filming locations.

With most of season 1 filmed in central Scotland it’s easy to fill a day’s sight seeing with Outlander locations if you’re based in the Edinburgh area.

It most central filming location in Edinburgh for you to visit would be Bakehouse close, this is where Jamie’s printshop was located in season 3, this isn’t open to the public on any Edinburgh private tours to enter, but you can follow Jamie and Claire footsteps up the stairs leading you to the shop’s main door.

For the rest of the locations you’d need transport to visit them from Edinburgh, but there still close enough to visit most of them if not all if you book an experienced tour guides outlander private tour. So if you were planning on booking an outlander private tour, we will program your day for you, as we offer any custom made tour in Scotland to suit you.