As the country enters phase 1 of the Scottish governments plans for lockdown from the coronavirus, the first minister has unrestricted the hold on outdoor exercise, but still keeping the social distance measures in place. With golf vacations in Scotland still at a halt for the foreseeable future, this is one small step in the right direction that we are looking for to get private tours in Scotland up and running again.

With the summer weather hitting us now it’s perfect timing for all the golf clubs opening the doors, as all clubs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland already reopened, this is a welcomed decision by the Scottish government.

But with all the bespoke Scottish tours still to get up and running this year, golf vacations in Scotland will still have to be kept on hold for a few months at least, even then no one knows what kind of restrictions will be in place.

Now golf is open again there there are also new rules to abide with, the hardest part is remembering all these! Simple tasks like get changed in your car and eat before you play, DONT arrive at the club 15 minutes before your tee time,ensure there’s always a 10 minute gap between groups, with no more than two in a group, and don’t touch any flagsticks, bunker rakes or your playing partners equipment. This is just some of the new rules you have to remember for your round of golf, this probably being harder than the round itself!!

But on a serious note these rules are set for a reason, we all want and need to get back to normal ASAP, with golf vacations in Scotland one of the more popular exclusive attractions Scotland has to offer, this to me there is a little light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully more to follow soon.