With tourism in Scotland being one of the main economic activities for the country, it generates around £12 Billion a year spent by over 3 million tourists from all over the world. But what does this mean for Scotland for 2021?

With the Coronavirus Pandemic taken the world by storm, tourism in Scotland from hotels and guest houses, whisky distillery tours, chauffeur transport, coach travel, Airport business transfers, it’s all going to be affected, personally my own bookings from the middle of March right through to the start of June cancelled, from bespoke whisky tours to Edinburgh private tours, not to forget one of the Americans favourites our outlander private tour, that will likely continue right into the height of the season, if not the rest of the year. But I’m not the only one stuck in the heart of this, we all are!!!

It’s not just a problem for Scottish tourism, it’s a dilemma for the world all over. For example tourism in China generates 11% GDP (Gross Domestic Product), when you think of the size of China 11% of there GDP is massive! Coming in at billions of American Dollars, that alone could send China into a recession.

Personally as a Scottish tour operator the best advise I could give is tighten up, cut costs until lockdown is over, but once free, the first thing on my agenda is to take my good lady and family out for a slap up meal and instead of a sun and sea holiday, the family will be going on a Scottish highlands tour and some serious catch-ups with friends in as many local bars as possible, and if time permits a weekend Golf vacation in Scotland as my contribution to get the economy up and running again ASAP.

In the meantime, take care, follow the lockdown guidelines, and stay safe!!!