Scotland is full of impressive bridges that have been built over the last few centuries and most of them have been built and designed by Scots.

But the three that stand out most to me anyway growing up in the Edinburgh area, are the three bridges that connect Fife to Scotland’s Capital.

Crossing over the firth of Forth between north and south Queensferry, it’s only a 25 minute drive from Edinburgh city centre, so when on a private tour of Edinburgh this is an easy location to visit.

The great talking point when arriving in South Queensferry on a Edinburgh private tour is there’s a bridge for each of the last 3 centuries, with the newest bridge being the Queensferry crossing, opened in 2017 it’s the longest triple tower cable bridge in the world, being just under 2 miles long. This bridge is is open to all vehicles, but not pedestrians as it’s classed as a motorway, it has also been designed with wind shielding to enable the bridge to stay open in high winds.

This bridge was built to take away the strange put on the original road bridge, the Forth road bridge, this opened in 1964, at the time it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, it’s now only open to public transport vehicles, luckily for GWM customers we have a 16 seater minibus that we use for Edinburgh private tours, with this we can cross this bridge, thankfully as the views of the other bridges are spectacular.

But the main draw to this area for Edinburgh private tours is the Forth rail bridge. Designed but John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker, opened in 1890 it’s a UNESCO world Heritage site, this being protected for many years to come, it was also chosen as Scotland’s greatest man made wonder in 2016.

This was the first cantilever bridge in the world, a great attraction on a private tour of Scotland, as for me it stands out from any other man made structure, truly a spectacular site that you must see on your exclusive vacation to Scotland.