Isle of Bute: Richard Gooding an American whisky collector, was the grandson of Caleb Bradham who founded Pepsi cola in the early 1900’s in Denver. Sadly Richard passed away in 2014, but for over 20 years he’d been making trips to Scotland to build up his rare and extensive Scotch Whisky collection.

An astounding collection like no other compilation, totalling to just under 4000 bottles, half of that were successfully sold through a whisky auctioneer earlier this year in Perth Scotland over the internet, with the rest of the collection to be auctioned on the 20th April, but late in the evening on the 21st April when the bidding was about complete, the whisky auctioneers experienced a cyber-attack, forcing the auctioneer off line immediately.

An investigation has been put in motion, but the auction house has yet to reveal any details on how severe the attack was, but they have been in constant contact with there customers to make sure none of them have been or will be affected by this attack.

This attack put paid to what would have possibly been a record breaking price ever for a bottle of scotch whisky sold within the second phase, of this perfect collection of Whisky was a bottle of 1926, 60 year old Macallan Scotch Whisky that was expected to reach prices of over £1.5 million.

A similar bottle of Macallan single malt whisky was sold just over a year ago in October 2019 for £1.5 million, but with the current world wide pandemic over the coronavirus who knows 2hat price this bottle of VERY rare Scotch Whisky will well for in the current climate.

But with Sotheby’s auctioneers that held the auction in London only expected the final price to reach between £350.000 – £450.000 (a hefty price for a single malt whisky) so who knows what the final price for this rare bottle of Macallan will be sold for.

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