All over the modern world no matter what your day intakes, most of us will have the pleasure of needing to travel by bus or car, like it or not it’s a necessary part of life these days.

So when your thinking of a bespoke Scottish tour, the last thing your thinking about when planning for your exclusive vacation to Scotland is the time you’d be sitting in traffic, but on the plus side of this is Edinburgh is the 5th most contested city in the uk, so you’re now thinking, what’s the plus side of that?? Well as an detour guide who specialises in private tours of Edinburgh, I know when’s the best times to visit certain areas of the city, as when the Edinburgh festival is on a lot of tour guides refuse to guide an Edinburgh private tour in August because of this, but the secret for this is simple for doing a private tour in Edinburgh, you visit Edinburgh castle for it opening, if you have time before this then you can talk about all the attractions at the top of the Royal mile in the Lawnmarket area, so when your group come out of the castle usually about mid day, this area is so busy it’s impossible to move with a group, but with this area all ready covered at the start of your tour, it’s time to move on to cover the rest of your private tour of Edinburgh.

The good news is the rest of Scotland isn’t as congested as Edinburgh so you can sit back and relax and enjoy your exclusive vacation to Scotland, hopefully traffic jam free!!!