On many occasions on one of our private Edinburgh tours we’ve been asked, why if the unicorn the symbol of Scotland??

It dates way back to the 14th century where it was adopted as Scotland’s national animal you king Robert, but it took a good 500 years until scientist George Covier proved that the Scottish unicorn has always been a myth.

But still to this day if you’ve planned a bespoke tour of Edinburgh you’ll notice the unicorn symbol all over the city.

Also if your on a private tour of Scotland you’ll see the unicorn all over the country, but if you ask about it on your custom made tour of Scotland you’ll find out that the unicorn believed to be the natural enemy of the lion, as you know this is the Royal symbol for England dating back to the 13th century.

According to the myths the lion and unicorn were arch enemies with the unicorn one of the few animals that would stand up to the lion.

It was also chosen by the Scots as it was seen as a proud and stubborn beast, that would rather die than be captured, a motive known by Scots throughout the centuries battling with the English.

But what to look out for on your bespoke tour in Scotland is when you see the Royal arms of the United Kingdom, to notice the difference between the English and the Scottish ones, a little clue on how to catch your tour guide out on your exclusive vacation in the UK is the English symbol has the lion first on the left with the English crown on, with the Scottish version has the unicorn first on the left. Both claiming to be the best and proudest, some things never change!!!