For anyone planing a private day tour in Edinburgh, the only thing you have to worry about is choosing the attractions you’d most like to visit as I promise you won’t fit everything into just one day!

If you’re arriving into Scotland’s capital Edinburgh, it’s one of the easiest cities to travel around, with Edinburgh airport only 30 minutes transfer by coach or taxi, and Edinburgh Waverley train station is situated right in the city centre, so a 5 minute walk out the train station and that’s you on Edinburgh’s Princess Street, ready to start your tour..

With Edinburgh being a tourist hotspot, it’s the most visited city in the uk outside of London, is mostly due to its over abundance of historical artistic and cultural attractions in a very compact area.

Edinburgh castle: sits proudly at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, includes St Margaret’s Chapel, that dates back to the 12th century, if your on a private tour of Edinburgh your tour guide will not be able to guide you in Edinburgh castle, but they do have there own guides to explain all the facts and history for you. Edinburgh Castle is the 2nd most visited tourist attraction in Scotland and is one of the most visited castles in the uk. Something not to miss during your private tour.

Holyrood Palace: the official residence of the British monarchy in Scotland, located at the foot of the Royal Mile, it’s been the Scottish Royal headquarters since the 16th century.

The palace is open to the public throughout the year just like Edinburgh castle, except when members of the royal family are in residence. Also once a year the queen holds a garden party at Holyrood palace, this is for people who have served the public throughout there working career, but you must be nominated by your place of work to qualify for afternoon tea with the queen.

St Giles Cathedral: is on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile just down from the castle, St Giles is still a working church that dates back to the 12th century, where it was originally a Catholic Church, it’s history is mostly known from the 16th century where it 2as the focal point of the Scottish reformation. This church in the centre of Edinburgh is known all over the world as the mother of the Presbyterian world, and receives visitors from all over.

Grassmarket: based in the south of Edinburgh’s city centre, that’s now a busy tourist spot for restaurants and bars, but this area is packed with great stories, tales, myths and legends, it was one of the main areas in Edinburgh, if you adventure on a Edinburgh private tour, the grassmarket will be one of the highlights of your Edinburgh tour.

National Museum of Scotland: one of Scotland’s biggest tourist attractions receiving over 2 million visitors in 2017, the same number of visitors to Edinburgh castle, but the small difference being that the national museum is free entry where it costs up to £20 to visit Edinburgh castle. With the museum just 5 minutes walk fro the Royal mile it’s based on 3 floors, filled filled with everything from antiquities of Scotland to Scottish archaeological finds and medieval objects. It’s a great explore for all.

These are just a handful of Edinburgh’s top attractions you have the option of visiting on your tour of Edinburgh, so plan wisely.