We aim to provide the perfect package for you and your party, our goal is to find the ideal hotel, apartment, high end Guest-house or even Castle that is best suited to your vacation. Once we know what you’re looking for, leave the search to us, and we’ll find the optimal accommodation that will set your vacation, leaving you with memories for a lifetime.

Scottish Castles

Scotland still to this day is world renowned for its history of the castles that once stood or still stand all over the country, some are now ruins with foundations still standing, destroyed by the British Government forces after defeating the Jacobite Army in the 18th century, but some preserved to how they would have proudly stood hundreds of years ago in there prime.

Some Castles are free to visit, with other have an entry fee, to cover the upkeep of the building, but most if not all have breathtaking views of some of Scotlands finest scenery.

But not only can you visit these spectacular castles, but some are now stately homes that offer accommodation facilities, these 5-star iconic buildings offer a unique surrounding, giving you a vacation to remember, let us organise this adventure for your private vacation, that will make your stay in Scotland as historic as possible remembrance.


If you’ve booked a one or multiple day tour with GWM, we’ll always look into finding the restaurant or eatery that fits in with your group.

Whether it’s lunch or anevening meal, we are always happy to help, inquire or recommend on booking from the great selection of eateries Scotland has to offer, with no shortage of Michelin star restaurants for your fine dining, to the good old hearty “pub grub” there’s something for everyone.

And you don’t always have to empty your wallet to enjoy the food when eating out in Scotland.

Whisky and Distilleries

The golden ticket to Scottish tourism, yes we have fantastic scenery, mindblower history, these attractions will always be here in the iconic Scottish lands, and it’s something I’m so proud of as my homeland, but the best pleasure of all is the fine Scotch Single Malt Whisky, it’s been a fascination for myself and a close friend for a few years now, and we’re always learning every day about the magical Scottish “water of life” that is so loved all over the world.

The unique heritage of scotch of Scotch Whisky goes way back to the 15th century on records, and to this day it’s one of the UK’s yes UK not Scotland’s biggest exported goods, so you can imagine it’s big for Scottish tourism, with 119 (on my last count) active distilleries still functioning all over Scotland, most of these are open for tours and tasting bookings, let us at GWM organise your visits to these picturesque distilleries, whether it’s one you’ve always dreamed of visiting or it’s on route with our tour, leave the organising to us, if you’re booking a multiple day whisky tour we’ll take care of all the bookings in the package from start to finish for all to sit back and enjoy.

Any questions? Want to discuss this further or make a booking?

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